Major Surgery

Once upon a time, several years ago, I played soccer and was pretty good at it. My knees were often sore but soon strengthened up. Fast forward a couple of years and I was playing volleyball at good ol' CHS (go Falcons!) and all the jumping around made my knees go from sore to painful, but I pushed through it.


Fast forward another 2 years and the doctor is telling me I've got "runner's knee" and need physical therapy. The PT discovered that I "have the tightest calves [he's] ever seen!" and starts Astym therapy (hard plastic rubbing up and down my legs to break muscle bonds so they heal correctly) + heavy stretching. He says if that doesn't work, there is a surgery I can do that will help. That works for a few more years thanks to a tens unit and the next thing I know I'm on my mission in San Jose, California having major knee pain. 

Man, my hair was short! 

Man, my hair was short! 

I see the doctor and get some X-rays and low and behold, my knee grooves are quite shallow and therefore my knee-cap just gets knocked around which is painful. I build up muscle and the knee pain goes away for the most part. Fast forward 2 more years and all of the sudden I have arch pain in my feet. I get inserts and that helps for a few months. Then the knuckles on my feet start hurting. I go and see Dr. Daniel Hoopes and he says I need the surgery that the PT mentioned several years earlier. After a second opinion, my surgery for BOTH calves is scheduled and before I know it it's Monday and I'm sitting in the hospital room with my Mom and brother while the nurse helps me get ready for surgery. 

The nurse is trying to calm my nerves by being funny and chit chatting away (bless his heart). Instead he just makes me mad and more angry cause my mom won't stop chatting (she's a nervous chatter). And just when I think I'm gonna snap the calm, kind, somewhat boring, but exactly what I needed, anesthesiologist comes in and gives us a rundown of what's going to happen and that he'll be the one watching me the whole time while Dr. Hoopes does his thing. Score! 

So I get loaded up on "the Cadillac" of gurneys and get wheeled into a FREEZING OR. Next thing I know, I'm getting wheeled out to my mom's car, Mammy (she's a Beast), and I basically sleep through the next few days. I can't say I minded the sleep at all! 

Then it's onto crutches and the occasional wheelchair, like when I shot Austin & Kasey's wedding. And thank the heavens I had amazing people to help me shoot it (Kilinoe & Syd <3)

Then Easter comes, I'm on drugs and what do I do? HOLD A SNAKE! It's amazing what drugs make you do. Bleh. Now I'm out of the boot and into Physical Therapy! And it's been almost a whole month! Wowzah! 


Up Next.... Graduation!