First Time in NYC

Last week I flew out with an awesome group of BYU Photography students to visit the Big Apple for my first time! We got to visit so many photographers and sites that were so inspirational, it was an incredible week! But I've decided that I definitely don't want to live there... I felt WAY too claustrophobic the entire time. I guess Texas will be good for me.

One of the coolest places I visited was the 9/11 memorial. That day is burned in my mind forever. I remember it vividly even though I was only 10 and in the 4th grade. I remember going from not really understanding what what happening or why it was a big deal to understanding clearly and being completely horrified. 

Another one of my favorites was the Kate Spade New York store! Ahh! Everything was just soo beautiful! I was soo sad my budget didn't match my love of the store... the life of a student. Just look at how beautiful the packaging was! Watch, one day I will have my own brand and ya'll will be oohing and aaahhhing at my packaging. 


But what made the week the most amazing was the people that were there experiencing it! My roommates, Mary Tarbet, Lauren Cockrell, and Meg Ricks, + Bri Cole, were soo fun and made being away from my hubs bearable (I seriously have separation anxiety). But if you have the time you REALLY need to check out all of them on Instagram! They're incredible people, all of them! And I learned SO much from all of them! So here's a list of their Insta's so you can check them all out, Plus the rest of my photos from the trip! Enjoy! 


Mary Tarbet: @maryjessicaphoto

Lauren Cockrell: @laurencockrell

Meg Ricks: @megricks

Bri Col: @bri_vail 

Kurtis Dallon: @kurtisdallon

KayLeigh Hill: @kayleighhillphotography 

Courtney Moh: @courtneypoulsen 

Josh Lynch: @joshrlynch

Tressa Roberts: @tressa321


Alexis Hullinger: @lexie.cole

Alessandra DeAgostini: @alideago

Sara Hornberger: @shornberger

Megan Matheson: @megan_matheson

Kilinoe Burt: @findkilinoe

Hsuan Lee: @tienhsuan_lee

Maggie Miller: @maggienimiller

Abby Smith: @abbythesmith 

AJ Matthews: @alan.j.matthews

Kirill Kuzlev: @kirillkuzlevphoto