The BIG Change!

I thought about dragging out this post and waiting to drop the bomb until the end but I won’t be mean….


Okay, okay, so I’ll admit, we haven’t kept that news too much on the DL so if you already knew that there’s another bit of news:


What exactly does that mean?? Welp, lemme tell ya!

  1. Sharing all the deets we can give on moving to NYC!

    *I.e. specifics & logistics on how we’re moving, the apartment hunting process, etc.

  2. Sharing our adventures and fun things to do in the city

  3. And generally sharing what it’s like to live in the city with a young family

Q: “Okkaaaaayyyyy…. but WHY??”

A: We want to share our lives with our family and friends that are all living soo far away AND hopefully create a community of friends in NYC AND hopefully help others decide/figure out how to move to NYC.

Q: “I specifically remember you saying you’d NEVER live in New York… so what changed??”

A: I’ve learned to never say never…. see below!

Q: “But Meli, you’re terrible at keeping a regular blog, so what changed? Why are you going to do it now?”

A: I am not alone in this endeavor! Nick will be actively participating in this too! Accountability = Success!

The Flatiron Building

So now that the news is out of the way, I want to share how this all happened and why in the world we are moving to FREAKING NEW YORK CITY!! This is also a big part of why I haven’t updated the blog since freaking October so here’s the story:

Nick has a wonderful friend from McKinsey, Jay. Back in October Jay was talking with Nick about his new job in NY at a Private Equity Firm named Sycamore Partners and said he thought it’d be something Nick would actually be interested in. We were in New Orleans with my family at the time but we started looking into it and talking to Jay about it more. We weren’t taking it suuuper seriously yet as Jay said recruiting PROBABLY wouldn’t happen until mid-December.*

*IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE: No one knows when recruiting for ANY PE firms will start because they all wait until one firm somewhere in the COUNTRY decides to recruit and then everyone goes ham trying to find the best recruits.


So we’re like, cool! Sounds interesting we’ll think about it! And we did! We started looking into firms in the major PE heavy cities: San Francisco, New York, Chicago, and Boston. After talking to a LOT of friends who had experience living in one or a few of those cities I started thinking San Fran or Boston (never been to Boston but I’ve heard great things!). Nick was more concerned about the actual company than the location (fair).

Then October 27th comes around. We had just gotten home from a church Halloween party dressed as a Mother Trucker (had to take advantage of my massive belly) and a Trophy Wife (Nick’s actually pretty great at cross-dressing) and were watching some show when at 11pm Nick gets a call from Jay saying recruiting is happening THIS WEEKEND and to look out for emails for invites to interview… 11:30pm Nick gets an email from the recruiters for Sycamore Partners asking him to interview at NOON THE NEXT DAY!!!

After a couple of hours of frantic phone calls, looking for flights, and emailing the recruiter back and forth Nick had a flight out of Dallas at 5:30am and an interview at 1pm. So we got a couple of hours of sleep and then the craziness all started.*

*So one thing about Private Equity recruiting is that you really have to be ready to accept the offer on the spot. This is in part because they keep interviewing you until they decide to let you go or they decide to extend the offer. And if you for some reason don’t accept the offer be prepared to not get any interviews in that city again… so it’s generally better to just not accept the interview if you’re not wanting that city or company.

Nick started interviews at 1pm and continued with only a text here and there with a quick, “Interview went well! Going into the next!” until I finally got a call at 6pm with Nick telling me he thought he’d get the offer since he was STILL going and had met almost everyone in the office and asking me if I was ok to say yes to the offer. I wish I could have said yes right away but I COULDN’T!!

At that point I had only visited NYC for a school photography trip back in college. I saw LOTS of photographer’s studios and touristy sites and could NOT imagine living there! In fact, I swore I would NEVER live there because it was too busy, and I felt UBER claustrophobic. Remember, I grew up in a small farming city (pop: ~20,000) in Utah so this was pretty much the complete opposite of what I was used to or ever wanted.

Well, Nick must’ve done something right because when they offered him the job and told them he couldn’t accept until I was on board (even though he REALLY wanted to) they said we could take some time to decide as long as we weren’t trying to go somewhere else. So we decided to both fly out to scope out the city, meet the people at Sycamore Partners and get an idea of what life in the city is like THAT NEXT WEEKEND (because I was 34 weeks and on the verge of not being allowed to travel so it was now or never haha).

  1. Nick was SHOCKED he got the offer (I wasn’t)

  2. We were SHOCKED we got to go out to NYC THAT weekend!

  3. We were SHOCKED at how quickly our lives were changing

    1. Baby was almost here

    2. SUDDEN job change

    3. Baby was almost here (k, that’s a BIG one and deserves 2 points haha)

So we went out that weekend, enjoyed the city in my VERY limited capacity (I was massive haha) and after lots of yummy food, meeting people from the firm, and strolling through Central Park we decided that moving out was the right thing for us to do! It was SOO crazy! We had been planning to stay in Dallas for at least another year and then maybe go off to grad school but that all changed within a WEEK!!!

Since then most people don’t understand what PE is (think house flipping for businesses), OR if they DO know what PE is they think we’re crazy because it’s NOTORIOUS for a difficult lifestyle. But here’s the thing… we lucked out. The firm that Nick will be working for is VERY family-friendly and from what they’ve told us it ‘should’ be a better lifestyle for us. Right now Nick is traveling EVERY. WEEK. With PE he won’t be traveling and IF he does they try to keep it to day trips so he’s home at the same time as normal. That alone will make it better for us! And except for when he’s on a live deal (buying a company) his hours should be something around 9-7 which is a BIG upgrade for Nick!


(Just a little bit)