Pierre Family

Meet the Pierres! They are such a fun couple and their little girl could NOT be any cuter!! This session was soo fun to shoot! And the location (Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Garden) is to DIE for! I STILL have yet to think it's ugly (even when there aren't any leaves on the trees and everything is brown). 

One of the challenges I face is photographing little babies. You wouldn't think it would be hard since they're just a sleeping-mush-of-joy but it can be hard to position them just right! So my go to is taking a documentary-style approach! Have Mom & Dad hold baby however they normally do! Or pose Mom & Dad and then have them hold her however is most comfortable for them! You might be surprised and how photogenic people are naturally!! 

Another thing that has helped me is something my film professor, Brenda, taught us (film as in 35mm black & white not video). She taught us about Robert Capa, a FAMOUS war photographer. You might know him from this photo: 


Click the photo to read about his experience in WWII. 

So here's a guy who PHOTOGRAPHED June 6, 1944- one of the SCARIEST experiences I think anyone could ever have (but especially a photographer) and what did he say? 

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

Like, WHAT? Here's a guy that wanted to get CLOSE to war to get good pictures. That's dedication! So if you're thinking, alright Meli, this is cool and all but HOW does a photographer from WWII help you photograph little babies? 

If your pictures aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.

Just get closer! Closeness increases the sense of familiarity, intimacy, emotionality, and if nothing else, envoys a reaction from it's viewers. It may be a different reaction from every viewer, or a different one than you expected. But good photography ALWAYS evokes a reaction. So GET CLOSER. 

XOXO meli