Bright & Cheery Inspired Bridal Shower

First off..... WELCOME TO MY BLOG!

Whether you're new to my blog or you've been around the block, I'm so happy to have you! Today I'm especially excited to share this incredible Bridal Shower Styled Shoot that is featured on The Perfect Palette

This incredible shoot was inspired by Kate Spade! I could have DIED! I am absolutely OBSESSED with the Kate Spade brand and when Linda Lyons of Lyons Events said she designed the shoot after KS creations I KNEW this was going to be MAGICAL! 

The team that came together to create this amazing shoot is listed below! Please take the time to give each one a visit and some love! You won't regret it! 

Be sure to check out the FULL article on The Perfect Palette! CLICK HERE


Photographer: Meli Kerr Photography | @meli.kerr

Floral Design: Katie Bug Florals | @katiebugflorals

Desserts: Tart Bakery | @tartbakerydallas

Dresses: Love Tanya | @shoplovetanya

Jewelry: Monee Elizabeth | @monee_elizabeth

Paper: Lyons Paperie | @lyonspaperie

Hair and Makeup: @meli.kerr and @zoha1995

Models: @zoha1995,

Planner + Stylist:  Lyons Events | @lyonsevents


XOXO meli

Cat & Kyle Nordhagen - American Fork, UT


Meet Cat & Kyle Nordhagen! They are absolutely amazing! I met Kyle my senior year of college at BYU while I was serving at the Executive Director of Marketing for the Marriott School Student Council. Kyle was part of the most amazing group I've been a part of to date! My committee was so awesome that we would have game nights and that's how I met Cat! Annnnddd that's how I found out the Nordhagen's secret: GAME CONNOISSEURS.  

No joke. Nick and I have been introduced to SOOOO many incredible games like Monopoly Deal, Quiplash, Fibbage, and Drawful (to name a few). Now we know where to go to fund the best games! And I'm sure if you asked them, they'd be happy to share their wisdom with you too!!!

Games aside, this session was a DREAM! We went up American Fork Canyon in Utah for the greenery and dramatic scenery but we were blessed with THE FIRST SNOW OF THE YEAR!! It was sooo magical! I had flown out from Dallas the day before and I was ready for the cold! If you've read my last couple of personal updates, you know how much I've been craving sweater + boot weather so when I got here and not only got my beautiful mountains and sweater weather AND I got beautiful, magical, SNOW I was in HEAVEN!! (Also freezing my bahootie off but that's another story) 

I hope your Christmas is amazing and filled with magic, games, fun, and amazing food!! (Of course!) I'd LOVE to hear what your family traditions are, gifts you got, funny stories, etc. in the comments below!!! PLEAAAASSSEEE SHARE WITH ME YOUR LIFE!! I love it. Seriously.


XOXO meli