about meli kerr

Hey! I'm Meli! I am a wedding and portrait photographer based in good ol' Dallas, Texas. My husband and I moved here in Aug '17 for his job after we both graduated from Brigham Young University (together) in April '17. I received my Bachelor of Arts in Design and Photography. And I LOVED it all! I loved it so much that I decided to never stop learning and growing so I am constantly bettering my self by reading interesting books (not just about photography), taking online courses, and learning new skills wherever I can!

To warn you, I am a little loud and sometimes a little crazy, but I love to have fun and laugh LOTS. I absolutely LOVE to travel and I especially love my job because I get to work with so many INCREDIBLE people who (hopefully) become good friends after sharing such incredible experiences together. I love teaching others and helping my clients have an incredible experience that they will cherish forever!

If you want to learn more about me to see if we would be a good fit, please check out my blog and Instagram account! I would LOVE to chat with you and make plans for your special day!!